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Adventure Out Kids Rock Climbing - Berkeley - Private lessons and Kids Groups, plus Summer Camp for kids of all ages (July 9 - 11, 2012 and August 13 - 15, 2012. 3 half-days of climbing). All gear is included - climbing harness, climbing shoes, and all the necessary gear to rig a top rope (carabiners, ropes, webbing, cord, belay devices, etc). Courses are designed for those kids who desire to experience the thrill of rock climbing. Each class will be held at beautiful Remillard Park in the Berkeley Hills. No previous experience is necessary.

Parkour Connections and Bay Area Parkour - "Parkour is the discipline of overcoming obstacles in one's path using only the human body, both in the natural and urban environments."

We all remember the carefree days of the schoolyard playgrounds, when we would run and jump and climb anything we could reach, playing games of tag and capture the flag, testing the limits of what an abundance of energy in a child's body could do. The discipline of parkour is an extension of that enthusiastic attitude, the experience of self-exploration — both physically and mentally. A discipline to be practiced carefully and safely, Parkour is a training method to strengthen mind and body alike, to teach your body to do things it couldn't before, to teach your mind to be open to the endless possibilities the world offers, and to learn "the art of forward movement" within a community which believes that, no matter what the obstacle, you can overcome it.

For current "Under 13" instruction in the east bay and greater bay area (available on "drop in" basis in most cases) check out: Classes at Parkour Connections or call 510-214-FLOW for more information.


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  • Go free climb at Rock City - Mt. Diablo - Kids of all ages enjoy climbing the sandstone formations.
  • Indian Rock Park - Northeast Berkeley - 950 Indian Rock Avenue at Shattuck Avenue - Great place to climb, beautiful views of the bay and sunsets are amazing.
  • Castle Rock State Park - Santa Cruz Mountains - Steep canyons are sprinkled with unusual rock formations that are popular with rock climbers and bouldering.

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