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  • Collective Roots - East Palo Alto - Seeks to educate and engage youth and communities in food system change through sustainable programs that impact health, education, and the environment. Collective Roots achieves its mission through the innovative integration and implementation of two key program areas: garden-based learning and food system change.
  • Castlemonth Student Lauched Farmers Market - Oakland - Age: High School - Program addressed food justice issues. Students worked with Oakland Unified School District and a range of partners to organize the market. Community members are invited to volunteer at the market and will earn $5 in market credit for each 1.5 hrs volunteered
  • Green Collaborative Program - Oakland School Foundation - Oakland - Age: K-8 - Gardens, Recreation, Environmental Education, Nutrition and Science (GREENS) program grants through OSF. Provide funding to various schools for gardens, salad bars, playgrounds, and nutrition and science programs.
  • Ecology Center - Berkeley Community Gardening Collaborative - BCGC is composed of diverse community garden members who share a common commitment to organic, urban agriculture and access to healthy food for all residents of Berkeley. School gardens, on-site at elementary, middle and high schools, aim to integrate organic food production into the curricula and into the school lunch pro-grams. Children are introduced to food production, nutrition, composting, ecological awareness, and cooking and preparing the food they grow to share around the table. Most garden and cooking classes are supported by the Network for a Healthy California Program.